At Network Consulting International, the emphasis is on taking away the mundane work of security and IT support so that companies can become more proactive and plan their business from a technological standpoint.  We have provided IT support and IT solutions to businesses in Thailand for over 10 years and can help your business increase productivity, reduce costs and take the burden of maintaining a network off your shoulders whilst keeping your company totally secure with our state of the art market leading network security appliance and monitoring system – Network Box.

  Many businesses rely on an in-house expert – Someone in their IT department or just the most computer savvy user available to deal with common user problems. Unfortunately, this means that when technical issues arise, your employees are taken off tasks that could deliver more value to the business.

  Our help desk and dedicated technicians can ensure that your workforce stays productive while we take care of your technical problems. Because most problems can be easily fixed over the phone, you’re spared the expense and the wait of an on-site visit.