SEA Manufacturers Targets of New US Law

Washington state, home of retail giants Costco and Amazon passed a law in July that makes it illegal for a company – like Amazon or Costco – to buy products from a manufacturer that uses illegal or unlicensed software to manufacture those products. Simply put that means that large import buyers located in Washington must audit their supplier-manufacturers to be sure that they use legit software in their operations.

The article linked below fromĀ New Straits Times states that unlicensed software installed on computers in SEA amount to more than $18 billion US in value. The demand by US buyers for their suppliers to verify the legality of software will grow significantly with this kind of regulation, which is now being considered in 39 more states after Washington. Will the EU be far behind?

Pressure seems to be mounting from many corners for businesses in Southeast Asia to clean up their acts as far as computer software goes. If you would like to learn about the software licenses on your computer network are legal – please click here.

US law targets manufacturers using stolen IT


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